Storage Tips

General Storage

  • Store items you use most often at the front of the unit.
  • As you load your unit, create a center aisle for easier access to items.
  • Use pallets or skids to allow air flow around and under items.
  • If you're storing tables or sofas, remove legs and store on end to save space.
  • Keep photographs flat by placing them between two pieces of cardboard and tape together.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from machines with small engines.
  • Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes and rakes.
  • Mattresses should be covered and stored flat on level surfaces.
  • Use protective covers and treat wood surfaces.
  • Wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil to avoid rusting.
  • Pack blankets, draperies, and dress clothes on the hanger in a wardrobe box.
  • Always use high quality locks on your unit.
  • Always use climate-controlled units for humidity sensitive items.
  • Boat Storage

  • Give your boat's hull and decks a thorough scrubbing to remove gunk, grime, slime and barnacles.
  • Give the interior a thorough cleaning.
  • Clear out the refrigerator lockers, and any other materials that can spoil or mildew over winter.
  • Leave interior lockers open for more air circulation.
  • Place mildew control bags throughout the cabin and in compartments.
  • See your dealer or boat manufacturer for winterizing procedures.
  • RV Storage

  • Remove all food, even non-perishables.
  • Remove blankets, linens and clothes for laundering.
  • Remove valuables.
  • Give the RV a good cleaning, inside and out.
  • Place mildew control bags throughout.
  • Leave interior doors open for more air circulation.
  • See your dealer or manufacturer for winterizing procedures.
  • Things You Cannot Put In Storage

    Live Animals or Plants

    A storage unit is no place for animals or plants as living things attract pests and vermin. Most storage units do not include windows, so plants will perish. Pets need to be properly cared for and require food and attention.

    Hazardous Materials

    If the items you need to store can cause serious harm when spilled, they do not belong in self-storage facilities.

    Flammable Materials

    Storing flammable materials that could start a fire could destroy other people's possessions and may even harm someone.

    Perishable Items

    Only canned food and nonperishable items can be placed in your storage unit. Food can attract rodents.

    Stolen Property

    If there is reason to believe you're storing stolen property in your unit, it is our duty to report suspicious behavior to law enforcement.


    If there is reason to believe you're storing illegal drugs in your unit, it is our duty to report suspicious behavior to law enforcement.


    Explosives are not allowed due to safety concerns.


    Storage of firearms, even registered, is not allowed.


    People are not permitted to stay overnight in their storage units under any circumstances.